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Fantasy Football 2013: Drafting at the 12th pick in a 12 team league!

As I wrote in 2012, it's always interesting getting the last pick in a fantasy football draft. I prefer 12 team leagues, so getting that last pick is so very painful because you know that you're not going to get a "golden egg", so to speak. No Arian Foster for you. No Adrian Peterson. No Aaron Rodgers. No Calvin Johnson.

It's easy to overcome this though, all you need to do is go as big as you possibly can with the 12th and 13th pick. There was a guy at my office who never played fantasy football before, and he was playing the Office League, so I decided to be an "Angel Investor" of sorts! How did I do that? I hooked him up with my personal Draft Day Exel Spreadsheet, which is 1000x better than drafting with a magazine or website print-outs!!) ... This guy had the last pick in the draft. As it turned out, he ended up winning the league without making any post-draft free agent adds/drops!

So fast forward to 2013, you're looking at most 12 team leagues' 1st 11 picks ending something like this (not necessarily in this exact order, of course)...

1. Arian Foster, RB
2. Adrian Peterson, RB
3. Doug Martin, RB
4. Ray Rice, RB
5. Marshawn Lynch, RB
6. Trent Richardson, RB
7. Aaron Rodgers, QB
8. Drew Brees, QB
9. Calvin Johnson, WR
10. Jamaal Charles, RB
11. Lesean McCoy, RB

That's the first 11 off the board MAYBE, PROBABLY, but who really knows, right? Obviously there are a few other players that we could see in the top 11.  There are still some good RB's, and some really nice WR options that got left out of this scenario. Let's take a look...

RB: CJ Spiller, Alfred Morris, Matt Forte, Stevan Ridley, Maurice Jones-Drew, Chris Johnson

I wouldn't kill you for going after any of those RB's.  But the first 2 (Spiller and Morris) are most attractive. Now let's examine the WR's...

WR: Dez Bryant, Brandon Marshall, AJ Green, Julio Jones

So now, all of a sudden, drafting 12th doesn't sound all that bad, because you're going to be able to make 2 huge splashes.  I am almost tempted to take 2 of these WR's with picks 12 and 13.  The only issue then being that you're going to be forced into going with back-to-back RB's with your 3rd and 4th picks.  And your options in rounds 3 and 4 are not going to be sure-fire hits. You're really sort of forced to take either 2 RB's here, or 1 RB and 1 WR.

At this point in time, I'd be awfully tempted to go with CJ Spiller and AJ Green, but that's just me.  Every one of those WR's is a good option here at picks 12 or 13.  For my money, with the RB's available, only Spiller and Morris are worth grabbing here, and if you took both Spiller and Morris, you'd certainly be feeling really good about your RB situation.  But again, you are really forced into a tight spot at WR when rounds 3 and 4 roll around.  So I think the safest option is to go 1 RB and 1 WR with picks 12 and 13.  Which RB and WR you choose is going to be up to you, because your personal tastes and preferences should play a part in the decision, and none of those guys is heads and tails above the rest.  It's all a coin flip, because we never know who will pan out, and who will crush our hopes and dreams!

But again, this is easier to figure out when you use a draft tool that helps you SEE VALUE (like the 2013 Fantasy Football Draft Day spreadsheet!)  If you like what you heard from this post, then you should consider visiting my website to purchase your own copy, so you too can draft smart, and draft deep!

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Here's a quick look at the main tab of the spreadsheet, BEFORE your draft...

Here's what it might look like after the first 4 rounds... the YELLOW highlights are your selections...  the RED highlights are players that other owners in your league drafted...

And here's a look at the "Top 150" tab of the spreadsheet...

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